Featured Night Vision Devices

It has a fine image quality, sensitive CCD array, 4-power magnification, high-speed (high-aperture) lens (F/d=1.0), excellent resolution, video input and output. It is resistant to bright light exposure and has a contrast gain function.
$ 550
It has a lightweight and extremely durable compact body; built-in IR illuminator; flexible carrying case; built-in tripod socket and single switch button operation. It is water and dust resistant (IP46).
$ 3330

It has a fine Image quality and resolution, shockproof with the use of heavy recoil ammunition, nitrogen purged optical path, IPX6 rating against water intrusion, stabilized power supply unit, remote control with secure attachment and other features.

$ 3645

It has a lightweight and extremely durable titanium body, two-color range finding reticle, rwo-color mil-dot reticle, variable reticle brightness adjustment, built-in IR illuminator with focusable beam, precision internal windage/elevation adjustment and other features.

$ 3505
Edge GS 1X20 is lightweight and compact, has multi-coated lenses, built-in automatic bright source protection, built-in IR illuminator with variable power and reinforced fiberglass body.
$ 865
NV Thermal Imager - Eye X100 XP - 2+ Gen. Night Vision Device. It is the most compact and observing microvision in the world.
$ 19815
YUKON Sentinel 3x60 Night Vision Riflescope Gen 1 features 3x magnification and high light gathering capacity.
$ 814
Phantom 3x50 Gen. 2+ takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. It has a strict design and highly functional. It is waterproof and can be used in precipitation of any intensity.
$ 3395
Yukon NVRS Sentinel is an all new, late development Gen 1 night vision weapon sight. It is compact, lightweight and highly durable; manufacturing employs most innovative engineering approaches.
$ 800
Digital System SM-3NVTV is Gen 2+ Night Vision Device. It is based on the silicon high sensitive CCD camera with special system of electronic accumulation and multiplication of a signal.
$ 2614
includes a head mount for comfortable viewing and allows your hands to be free to take on another task.
$ 760
1st generation night vision device
$ 810
BNV 2,5x42 Pro is a professional quality night vision device designed to observe in full darkness for close distances. It is a passive device, does not require any additional light sources.
$ 560
Dipol 211 3.6x  is designed for terrestrial observation and reconnaissance in natural night starlight or moonlight illumination and in total darkness with the aid of built-in infrared illuminator.
$ 605
2.8x Magnification, with IR, Generation 1
$ 895
Night Vision Scope NV Pro 2.5x42 WP can be in YELLOW or BLACK color; Generation 1 night vision device, is designed to track moving targets.
$ 260